Innovation in disinfection

Although the antibacterial effect of silver has been known for a long time, its popularity in everyday use is only now growing. Because at Smart Nanotechnologies we focus on innovation, it could not be missing in our products from the Smart CleanAir line, dedicated to cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Importantly, silver does not affect the bodies of humans and animals, making it completely safe. Additionally, the killing effect of silver is long-lasting, which makes it extremely effective in the fight against microorganisms.

Active silver nanoparticles not only fight bacteria, viruses and fungi, but also effectively prevent their further multiplication, which is extremely important in the use of devices such as air conditioning.

The foundation of our activity is research and development work carried out by specialists in the field of nanotechnology and biotechnology. We are constantly developing technologies using active silver nanoparticles, thus ensuring your health and safety!

We constantly cooperate with the best industry specialists, including renowned air conditioning services, as well as – in our other product lines – veterinarians.

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Air conditioning products with active silver

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Thanks to our experience in working with active silver nanoparticles, we have created unique preparations for cleaning and disinfecting industrial and home air conditioning. A specialized formula effectively removes dirt and provides long-lasting protection against microorganisms. Treat yourself to better quality and stand out thanks to products with active silver – also in a version with a confirmed biocidal effect.