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The powerful cleaning formula guarantees effective cleaning of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
Smart CleanAir Wash removes dirt, dust and particles perfectly!

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Aromatic additives with active silver nanoparticles guarantee clean air with a fresh and pleasant fragrance and effective protection against microorganisms!

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Nanotechnology in air conditioning servicing

Active forms of silver

The biocidal properties of silver are widely used in industry and medicine.
Thanks to SMART CleanAir, you can also benefit from the active power of silver, offering your customers a unique solution supported by science.


with active silver nanoparticles from SMART CleanAir

Start a revolution in keeping the air fresh for your customers thanks to unique SMART CleanAir products with active silver nanoparticles. Our innovative formula uses the power of nanotechnology, thanks to which it effectively removes bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Give your customers a guarantee of clean and healthy air. Choose SMART CleanAir with active silver nanoparticles to experience innovative effectiveness in maintaining air conditioning hygiene. Order our products – choose an easy and effective solution! Choose professional products for cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning, which will save you time and money. SMART CleanAir offers economical packaging that allows you to effectively manage your supplies of cleaning and disinfecting agents with silver nanoparticles.

Our products with active silver nanoparticles guarantee effective fight against bacteria, viruses and allergens, which translates into a healthier working environment for your customers. It is also a guarantee of safety for you. All preparations are carefully tested for safety, and the active silver nanoparticles are adapted for professional use. We ensure full compliance with industry standards, which is confirmed by the National Institute of Hygiene Certificate.