Smart CleanAir 0,5l

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Preparation for cleaning air conditioners and refrigeration equipment. A modern formula based on active forms of silver provides long-lasting and safe microbiological protection for humans.
Product for professional use. Ready to use in a convenient spray bottle.

  • Safe
  • Does not contain phosphates
  • Ready to use
Packaging: 500 ml

Main advantages

Products with PZH certificate

Ready to use

Safe for the surface

Product with a wide range of applications

Safe for users

The use of the preparation improves the air quality in the room and ensures proper protection between services.

SMART CleanAir can be used in both commercial and home installations. It has a two-phase effect – it eliminates pathogens immediately after application and in the long term through the action of active forms of silver.

Effectively removes dirt, dust and deposits. SMART CleanAir does not cause corrosion and can be used on surfaces made of plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, aluminum, as well as painted surfaces.

Air filters, ventilation ducts, drip trays, fins, condensers, heat exchangers, outdoor units, refrigeration devices, industrial ducts, catering ventilation, kitchen hoods, evaporators, heat pumps.

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