Smart CleanAir Auto – Green tea 250ml (Kopia)

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Preparation for cleaning and refreshing car air conditioning and ventilation vents.

With the scent of prickly pear and green tea!

Packaging: 250 ml


Main advantages

Products with PZH certificate

Ready to use

Does not require tools

Removes unpleasant smells

Safe for users

Smart CleanAir Auto allows you to clean car air conditioning on your own and ventilation systems in all types and models of cars.

It can be used for any type of air conditioning: manual, automatic, as well as for single and multi-zone. It is easy to use making it yourself and cleaning can be performed without disassembly.

Removes unpleasant odors, including: mold or tobacco smoke. The silver contained in the product provides long-lasting protection against the development of pathogenic microorganisms, thus significantly improving air quality.

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